Thursday, April 17, 2014


Hello gorgeous readers, sorry for the lack of updates. Anyway, today I am going to share another amazing announcement from SRS. Are you excited? Yesterday I joined a photo contest held by Tropicana Slim with my close friends. If you have 5 or less group of people that you love, you should ask them to join this contest, because the prize is amazing, it’s a trip to Korea with your beloved ones (did I say Korea? Yes it’s Korea). If you are a regular reader of this blog, you must know my love for Korea, I always want to go there but till now I couldn’t make it happen so therefore I wont miss this big chance, I asked my close friends to join this photo contest and finally we made it. I hope I could visit Korea soon or later :) I uploaded two photo with #TROPICANASLIM with different version. This one is the first one, and I need your support to vote this picture below by clicking RIGHT HERE or directly click
"Jumat ceria, bercandaan bareng 2 sobat aku yang cantik-cantik @DunkinDonuts ditemanin hot coffee + @TropicanaSlim #AskForTropicanaSlim"

And here’s the other version, once again I need your support to vote this picture below by clicking RIGHT HERE or directly click
"Foto selfie seru rama-rame sama sahabat @WaroengPinggiran ditemanin cappuccino coffee, gk lupa kita #AskForTropicanaSlim @TropicanaSlim"

Do you dare to join? But before I rush to the rules and the whole inquiries, I will talk in Indonesian language from now on, since this photo contest opens only for Indonesian people :)
Punya sahabat yang gokil, dekat dan seru banget? Yuk ikutan #AskForTropicanaSlim Photo Contest untuk menangin hadiah utama Trip To Korea gratis bersama sahabat-sahabat kalian :) Caranya gampang kok :)

1. Upload foto hang out kamu bareng sahabat-sahabat kamu yang paling kompak di cafe/restaurant favorite kalian memakai produk Tropicana Slim Sweetener (Classic / Diabtx / SucraSTICK / Lemon-C, Antioxidant, SteLEAF, Classic Gold) yang dapat diorder langsung ke petugas cafe atau restoran setempat. Upload foto kamu bareng sahabat-sahabat kamu di Official Facebook Page Tropicana Slim. Jangan lupa sertakan judul foto yang menarik & wajib mention @TropicanaSlim #AskforTropicanaSlim dan @namaCafe/Resto (total maksimal kata 140 karakter)
2. Kamu dan sahabat-sahabat kamu wajib menjadi fans dan follower di halaman;
- Facebook Tropicana Slim :
- Twitter : @tropicanaslim
- Instagram : @TropicanaSlim
3. Ajak teman-teman kamu lainnya untuk vote foto yang kamu upload sebanyak-banyaknya untuk memenangkan hadiah utama Trip ke Korea bersama sahabat, tapi hasil foto (estetika, konsep, komposisi, dll) juga akan menjadi penentu utama pemenang.
4. Satu Facebook user hanya bisa memberikan satu vote per hari.
5. Hadiah:
- Hadiah Utama : Trip ke Korea untuk maks. 5 orang
- Hadiah lainnya (Untuk 5 Vote terbanyak lainnya) : 5 Instax Cam
Lucky Winner (Untuk 10 pemenang beruntung) : Masing-masing Voucher NutriMart 500.000
Best Caption (Judul photo terbaik) : Voucher NutriMart 500.000 + 5 Tropicana Slim Limited Edition Tumber
Untuk informasi lebih lanjut mengenai syarat dan ketentuan #AskForTropicanaSlim Photo Contest, kalian dapat membacanya di
Good luck gorgeous people <3

The additional photos (just for fun) :p

Monday, April 14, 2014


SUMMER. This is probably the closest look to a ‘sexy swimsuit’ I’ll ever go in my entire life (without adding leggings). I never want to wear two pieces whenever I go swimming, I am not confident enough with my body, so this is the closest look that you can see whenever I spend my day at the swimming pool or waterpark/waterbom!!!

Thursday, April 10, 2014


There are days when I open my blog and keep scrolling on its page to look at my own pictures and read my writings then think about what I was thinking??!
It brought the memories when I had nowhere to hide myself so I wrote all the things happen and matter on this blog.
Seriously, I never really think about how I live my life, but this blog SRS does understand myself even more. I’m documenting events and signs which speak so much about my life to the world. All I know now that I totally have a blessed life, so far my life has been great, and I cant thank enough to God for everything :)
Anyway, I'm leaving for Jakarta today to do my first work ever as an icon beauty blogger, I am super excited and nervous at the same time. I am going to reveal it soon. You, just wait, gorgeous people <3 #ilovemyjob

Tuesday, April 8, 2014


Last outfit from my latest trip to Bali. And I still have two more blog posts of my travel diary in Bali. Ah, I wish I had longer time to stay in Bali island.

Saturday, April 5, 2014


As I promised, advanced post of my incredibly fun day at Waterbom Bali taken with Nikon Coolpix Waterproof and Shockproof digital camera. Before we start, please let me touring you to see the beauty of Nusa Dua first.