Sunday, July 20, 2014

This is definitely what I miss the most. Working together with big beauty company such Marina (PT. Tempo) also with inspiring blogger kak Clara Devi was like a dream to me. I remembered when I decided to join the Marina Beauty Blogger Competition 24 Beauty Challenge last March, I had never thought that I would be one of Marina Icon Beauty Bloggers, that day when I posted the blog post, I visited ka Clara’s blog and left a comment said that I already joined the competition and I wished I could meet her in person and BAM! Last April it was like a dream came true to me. You can only imagine how ecstatic and honored I feel to be a part of this project. This project took place around 3 months ago and I’ve been wanting to share this ever since! Now I can finally post the BTS (Behind The Scene) photoshoot and video shoot with Marina and Gogirl Magazine. Here are some of them, it was such a fun shoot! The team was so fun, it didn’t feel like I was working at all! I’m serious :)
You can see the photoshoot of Marina 24h challenge taken by very talented Gogirl’s photographer ka Arman Yonathan RIGHT HERE
Make up and hair done by kak Intan Fathiyah and wardrobe by PICNIC

I hope you enjoyed all the photos! Till the next shoot!
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Tuesday, July 15, 2014

I can’t believe I am saying this but I’ve been so excited to come home to Balikpapan this afternoon woohoo, it’s good because I don’t have to wake up early for my 6 am flight. Welcome holiday :) These photos were taken on the last day I spent in my hometown before catching the last flight to Manado. Can’t wait to do something crazy with relatives and friends again.
Ladies, and gentlemen if you`re reading this, Never ever lose yourself. There’s always room for improvement. We all have our quirks. Life isn’t easy but it`s worth living and maybe living yours would be the sexiest thing you can do.
I hope you are one of the lucky 5 winners who win the amazing trip with Marina
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Nike shoes / vintage dress + denim jacket

Saturday, July 12, 2014

Hello gorgeous people, I just got chance to update my blog. Please accept my apologize because I (might be) forget to reply all your comments on my blog posts. Truth be honest, I’ve been literally busy in the past two weeks, yes 5 days in a row I had final exams, after that I had so much work/project to do with my friends/relatives. But I've read all of them via my yahoo mail on my phone. I did check out all your blogs and yesterday I left comments on your blogs too when I have much time blogging. Sorry but this is true that I don't have much time checking out my blog these past days. From now on I'll try to remember to check and reply all your comments. I hope you understand. Speaking of world cup, on 13th August the final match of world cup will be held, I am supporting Germany to be the winner, what about you? :)
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Wednesday, July 9, 2014

May your choices reflects your hopes not your fears.
Just keeping this short and reminding for you guys to vote wisely today. The 3rd Indonesian Presidential Election will be held today, 9th July 2014. The term will last for five-years. Yes, We will elect the president in a single round. Whichever the candidate who receives the most votes will win, and will serve for five years. The official result will be announced on 21-22 July. This election has two candidates: Prabowo Subianto & Hatta Rajasa are running against Joko Widodo & Jusuf Kalla. We are the future generation so we have to be careful for who we choose to lead and guide us (Indonesian). I'll vote because I want to participate as Indonesian Youth to make a better step with the next President to develop Indonesia.
Have you voted already? Because every votes count, my friends :) 
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If you haven't you should read the review of the event RIGHT HERE
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Have a good day gorgeous people :)